So it’s been incredibly busy over on my end as I’ve been working on a new project – my apologies for the sometimes cryptic little posts (like the one two below), I couldn’t contain my excitement about finally getting my own place ! 

I’ve been blogging for 7? 8? maybe even 9 years now and I’ve never owned my own piece of real estate on the www BUT NOW I DO! I’M THE PROUD NEW HOME OWNER OF MY VERY OWN DOMAIN NAME!

It took quite some time to come up with a name that I really loved, one that would speak to others but still encompass everything it is that I love about this current space. My life – the good parts anyway – are all about cooking and eating and entertaining with friends. It’s about filling the spaces with beautiful experiences – not necessarily expensive or luxurious things – but things with charm, allure, that little bit of je ne sais quoi.

This little brain child was born from marrying my name to the word lavish (verb) which is to “bestow something in generous or extravagant quantities upon.” There was some hesitation initially as the term does have a certain negative connotation to it for being overly indulgent or wasteful… But I like that you can lavish your time and lavish affection upon someone.

It also fits entirely with the theme of hosting, something that I absolutely love to do — there’s a great deal of generosity that goes into opening up your home to others, welcoming them to your table, wining and dining them, and lavishing your attention on them.

But most of all I liked it because it was just that little bit of unnecessary which makes things nice…

You’ll find me over on LAVISHLEY.  

There’s still a couple of bugsies and glitches that I’ll need to iron out — like the comment function only works sometimes, but the LIKE button does awesome things when you click it: (1) spews little red hearts all over and (2) makes me feel good that you’re into what I write :)

This is also a plea for your patience while I work everything out. Do let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your comments, queries and compliments.