For all the whining that happens year round, let’s just say I’m super glad to be born in sunny old Singapore. Yes, our system isn’t perfect, yes, the majority of our government lives in not-so-little ivory towers (on Bukit Timah), yes, our infrastructure has not kept up with our growth, yes, our press is not free nor unfettered and sometimes one would even say it’s somewhat delusional (seriously, does no one edit her column?), and yes, our social safety net is in an appalling state for a so-called first world country…….

But it’s crime-free, sunny, and a fairly safe place to undertake a lot of things in life – like raising a family or starting a business. There are jobs to be had if you’re fresh out of school, the government gives you money if you make some babies (please watch this HILARIOUS video on DOING your civic duty this National Night), education is virtually free, and they force you to save for when you’ll be a retiree (see this infographic on how to get rich in the long run). And if nothing else, it did give us a day off!

So happy birthday home country!

I hope you all enjoy this absurd photo of me masquerading as our national mascot! This wee spot on the WWW does not get more patriotic than this! BLERGH!