It seems I have yet to tire of this little installment of instafavourites, so let’s look at this week’s round up of lovelies from around the instaverse that you should follow follow. Trust me, you’ll be doing yourself a favour, and after you’ve followed these folks, feel free to give yourself a pat on the back. 

@camerondecades – If you don’t know the man behind DecadesInc by now, I’m fairly certain you’ve been sleeping like the beauty in Disney’s classic fairy tale. This man brings fashion back to life with the most decadent collection of vintage couture pieces known to mankind. Dressing stars and society favourites around the world, Cameron knows that the only way to be the belle of the ball is to show up in one-of-a-kind pieces worn by the likes of Liz Taylor. (pssst… for the Cindyphiles out there, he’s one of her favourites and an old friend!)

@caimei_k – Fashion & Features writer of Harper’s Bazaar M’sia, This lovely lady lives a rather enviable life with prime seats at Chanel shows in Paris, invites to exclusive press-only events (where she kindly shares the joys of her job with the rest of us plebs), and she gets close ups of Margiela couture. Did I mention we used to go to school together?

@theglamourai – Stylist, blogger and instagram enthusiast, the glamourai counts Jamie Beck of @_frommetoyou as a friend and close collaborator. I loved their joint coverage of the shoot in Morocco, and the fact that they get so much enjoyment out of their day jobs. Click click for your daily dose of bombshell beauty on her insta and through her website.

@blessincasia – blessings are one of the things we could do more to keep a tab on. Counting them is a habit that all of us could cultivate for a better life. I love this lady for her positive spin on just about everything.

@nantaya – I’m not even sure where to begin when it comes to Tui. If there is anyone who lives by the phrase “more is always more”, it would be her. There’s nothing in her life that’s half measure – her glass is always full (preferably of champagne), and she lives life with a certain laissez les bons temps rouler (literally, let the good times roll). I cannot get enough of her sometimes crazy and wildly exciting life, whether she’s in LA working, London chilling or Thailand hanging with the fam, she sure knows how to live it.