Sometimes, it’s the really simple things that keep me going – like your beloved and best friends trooping out to where you are to meet for lunch. Hurrah! The first lunch I’ve had with friends in months, over relatively decent mexican food and just a wee drink (or two). Really, it’s the little things :)

Which reminded me of this test I took a while ago that informed me that the way I most like to receive love is through quality time (funny right, you’d have thought it was PRESENTS! which is one of the other 5 love languages) It’s based on a book written by someone with the really generic-sounding name of Gary Chapman (it’s like his parents knew he’d grow up to be a writer and so gave him a name that would look good printed on a best seller), and though I’ve never read it I think the basic premise rings true –

we each have our own unique way of expressing love for others, and we in turn have a particular way in which we prefer to receive it.

Maybe this is what chemistry really is – meeting, and hitting it off, with that particular someone who instinctively gives you exactly what you need. Or maybe it’s an action that we learn over time through repeated use. Either way, it made me stop, pause, think and be thankful for the fact that my nearest and dearest do seem to get me completely, regardless of whether it’s instinctive or carefully cultivated.

Whether you buy into it or not, it’s worth a try to figure out what your love-style is like (and I mean this in the cleanest, most PG way possible).