Sugar, spice and everything nice. These are the ingredients to the…

If you grew up when I grew up, you’d have ended that sentence in “perfect little girl” Let’s hope most of us got that reference since I’m stamping the production date on myself entirely.

But sugar, spice and everything nice also makes for a great tablescape – with bold splashes of colour, a dash of golden silverware, and a lot of lovely blooms – the perfect combination for a casual summer get together. I thought the dried chillies and star anise gave it a nice Asian touch to go with the peranakan cuisine from, you guessed it, PeraMakan.

Another incredibly awesome addition to our set of centrepieces at home? These vases/candleholders carved out of tree trunks. Lovely stuff I tell you – and so very versatile! Used them at the Jiak Kantang party we threw to kick off the summer, and they looked right at home amidst the potatoes. Though I must admit, I live in a little bit of fear of them catching fire! I took a gander around the internet for a safer (and more economical) option, and found these natural birch covered flower pots which you can buy or DIY.

We’re inching towards the second half of the year and I’m so very excited to start planning for the usual year-end food festivities!