instafaves part 3

Hello lovely people! As promised, it is back :) In this week’s installment of instafaves worth a follow, I’ve shortlisted a bunch of instagrammers who have undeniably awesome lives whose pictures are sure to bring a little cheer to your otherwise moody Monday. 

@nicolettemason – fashion blogger extraordinare and regular contributor to Marie Claire. This cool cat lives in Brooklyn, NYC, and I love to follow her for her snapshots always capture the essence of the city I love best.

@dryart – I don’t know a whole lot about @dryart, other than the fact that her name is Derya Artuk (which leads me to believe she’s Turkish), and that she manages to imbue the most ordinary of life’s instances with an intense artistic quality. Like this door over here, or this man parasailing, these pegs on a clothesline, or this peach on a beach.

@kevin – now this man you ought to follow, mainly because without him, we wouldn’t be having this much fun on our iPhones. Kevin is instafamous for being CEO and co-founder of our best-loved app. He gets mad bonus points because he loves to have brunch at The Modern Pantry in London.

@theeverygirl_ – the every girl is an online resource for girls everywhere and it is chock full of advice from finances to features on food and coffee talk. I follow them for updates on their cute pup, Buddy, and the fact that they’ve got a bar cart I’d love to wheel away with!

@_frommetoyou – I’m fairly certain most of you would already be well acquainted with Jamie Beck and her beautiful blog, From Me to You. She’s a fashion photographer who’s as good behind the lens as she is in front of it. I love her old-school glamour get ups, side swept hair, and the signature red lip. So incredibly chic, so incredibly talented.

If you’ve got some awesome instas to recommend, please do so! I’m always open to more visual inspiration. Happy Monday!