These pictures should totally be part of a photography issue somewhere, or in a magazine article about Manly Men and what they would do with a year of free time on their hands, or in a traveller’s guide of going around the world on a shoe-freaking-string budget, or in a book about post-college-existential-crisis-and-finding-yourself. Perhaps the latter would be the most apt. But the point of this post is this: my wanderer brother / my father’s prodigal son (minus the wastefully extravagant bit since he spent just about nothing) has finally, after an entire year, returned home! And what adventures he has to tell of his travels around the world.

I could tell you of the time he hitched in the back of a van belonging to a heavy metal band in Croatia, or the time when an elephant derailed his train in the middle of Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, or when he disappeared entirely off the face of the planet while hiking in the Simien Mountains which had us calling embassies and bureaus all over the place for five freaking days in our attempts to locate him, or 4x4ing in the Jordanian desert and crossing Lake Tanganyika on a WWI German troop carrier, or the time he was nearly run over by Ferdinand, Jane Goodall’s favorite Chimpanzee at Gombe National Park; at one point, he got a severe bout of amoebic dysentery in Ethiopia which required an immediate evac to the safe confines of one of mom’s closest friend’s homes in Nairobi, Kenya for a couple of days of R&R and to see a real doctor (rather than a bush doctor), or planting trees up in the frigid north of Canada where he was chased and then had his stuff stolen by a bear. There is so, so much to tell, and no amount of editorial prowess would ever be able to boil it down into a single page.

So instead, you should head on over to his site, where he’s thoughtfully archived all these amazing things for us to see, so that we can live a little through his adventures, and see the world as he did – on a shoe string budget, living like a local with an open mind in tow, and a willingness to take life on at its fullest, not missing a single, glorious detail.

All images courtesy of Alex.
Wander the world with him here.
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