This past Sunday, it was dog-lover’s delight over at D’s place, when all the pups gathered to welcome little Bruce into the fold. 



Bruce (or breewwwcieeee as his name if often pronounced by squealing girls) is B’s lab-rottie cross. He’s an adorable, rambunctions little pup, with a ton of energy, big pleading puppy-dog eyes and a seemingly endless appetite. He is incredibly good natured. By my way of thinking, he’s going to grow up to be a gorgeous creature, fiercely loyal like a rottie, but with the marshmallow heart of a lab. The most heart-warming makesyoufeelgood part to this story is that B adopted Bruce from SOSD.

Save Our Street Dogs is a community organisation based in Singapore that aims to find homes for our alarmingly large population of homeless pups. It functions mostly on a volunteer basis, and they are open to contributions of all kinds, from actual adoption, to your time spent helping out at their giveaway drives (where pups get re-homed) or during their outings (walking/swimming), to donations in kind (like kibbles, leashes, anti-tick shampoo, bowls, brushes…)

Also, if you’re thinking of getting a dog, I’m going to take this opportunity to remind you that a puppy is a lot like having a kid around the house, or so I’m told since I have no kids of my own. But they do cry at night, they require a ton of attention, they will do terribly naughty things and will probably piss you off to no end by pissing all over the place and/or soiling themselves. It takes a lot of time and patience to train them, they will always need your affection, and they will most certainly compete for your attention (like last night, when Tina and Pebbles both wanted to sleep on the bed leaving little to no space for me!)

So before you go all out and get a pup, it might be an idea to take a puppy out for a trial run over the weekend by volunteering at a place like SOSD. Just saying.

If you love dogs, but can’t have one at home (cos your mama says no), volunteering is a great way to have a part-time puppy. Might even be a way to convince your family that having one at home ain’t sucha bad thing. You never know, these darling creatures have a way of working themselves into your heart.

Find out more about Save Our Street Dogs here: http://www.facebook.com/SaveOurStreetDogsSOSD