I’m forever waxing lyrical about the world-wide-web and all the amazing things I’ve stumbled upon while surfing my life away (Peony Lim is one of them), so imagine my surprise and delight when Pat told me (back in April) that Peony would be featured in July’s issue of Female! I don’t often read print publications these days, there are the staples like Monocole and Vanity Fair/Harper’s Bazaar, and when I travel I do try to catch up on old issues of the Economist, but I barely ever pick up a glossy. So it was nice to have a reason to get one this month (or more than one reason TBH).

In case you need an introduction, Peony Lim is half chinese, half english and 100% fabulous, she’s everywhere these days, and considers herself a blogger-stylist-consultant-model (that’s a mouthful). But the article wasn’t about her, or it wasn’t just about her, it was about her brilliant photographer-boyfriend too. Because seriously, you can’t have a real style blog without a kick ass photographer close by (honey, those self shots are just awkward).

Pete’s tips make a lot of sense, and they shed some light on how to shoot for the most flattering results (and I want everyone who wields a camera to take note because there are way too many ugly photos of folks out there these days). I particularly liked tips 4-6

4. Best time to shoot: Early morning and evenings

5. What not to use: Wide-angle lenses – they bulge at the center making your subject look fat

And my favorite tip of all (dear friends, please take note)

6. Shoot to look taller: Zoom in and take a few steps back – it gives proportions more like what the human eye would see. Then squat. A good squat height is just about perfect – makes your subject look longer without turning them into a superhero.

There’s a lot to be said about falling into bed in the evening with a glossy in hand, some jazz coming in smooth over the stereo, and a glass of vino (white, chilled) on the night stand. I must do this more often.

Images scanned from Female July 2012 – The Photography Issue
More of Peony over here.