Monday isn’t often kind to the minions among us, so I thought today would be a good day to share some of my instafaves from around the WWW. If you can take time out from your note taking and minute making, I promise these insta feeds will fill you up with endless visual inspiration to help you make it through the day :) Look them up, check them out. Endless visual inspiration.

For fashion addicts, you’ll want to check out  @tuulavintage @yoyokulala @blaireadiebee, and I quite love @songofstyle and @dannijo for their regular photo updates on accessories and arm parties. For incredible photos from around the world and a fair amount of weddings, check out @jonong.

For great things to do in, out and around our sunny little island of SG from food to random fun, there’s @plongin and @annabel_t , between the two of them, there isn’t a stone left unturned or an event that goes uncovered :)

Also awesome? @eleventhour who just got hitched this weekend (CONGRATS AGAIN SWEETS!!! Such a treat to be there to share in the celebrations) – lots of pretty pictures from the big day flooding the feed, lots of lovely pictures of her dreamy wedding dresses (created by Time Taken to Make a Dress, a Singapore-based dress designer who managed to weave Charme’s style into the pieces perfectly).

This is likely to become a regular installment on the blog (if I don’t get distracted/run out of favourites). Now be a share bear and tell me, who are some of your instafaves that I should follow?

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@eleventhour @agirlastyle @annabel_t @blaireadiebee @songofstyle