Shameless personal plug coming up but WHOOO! I’m in Female for the Photography Issue – not that I’m any kind of photographer, but with instagram, anyone can make things beeoootiful! 

But shameless-personal-plug-aside, I actually really enjoyed sharing what the blog was about with Carol (who managed to boil my rambling down into 2 succinct paragraphs), and I got to discover other interesting folks on instagram like Yoyokulala (owner of Exhibit Store) and Lynn Visudharomn (ed-in-chief, 2 Magazine).

Yoyo’s pictures are seriously, the bomb. And whoever her photographer is has Pete Navey’s tricks down pat. She’s also got some pretty stellar apps to help create those effects – Photowizard, Photoshop and Duomatic.

Also awesome in The Photography Issue? Peony Lim, Tommy Ton, Angie Lai-Tay of Curated Editions, Caryn Lim of Hands + Feet Studio, and Chris Fussner of Sifr.

Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

Thanks again for the feature Carol!! And for the lovely, lovely write up. x

Images: Scanned from Female July 2012