Room inspiration on a Wednesday! While taking a gander through the world wide web, and running through what I’ve missed on tumblr these past few weeks, I chanced upon a whole series of lovely black and white interiors by Celerie Kemble. Anyone who’s walked into my room or wardrobe knows that there’s nothing I love more than more than a hint of color. Explosions of it to be precise. So it’s somewhat at odds with my usual aesthetic to be so drawn to these two stark ends of the spectrum.

But Celerie Kemble is no ordinary interior designer, she’s got a lot of experience under her belt (and some very exciting collaborations), and she’s good at giving the boring old black-and-white combi a bold and fresh new look. I’m certain you’ll agree that she’s done these rooms remarkably well (if you don’t, I’m certain it’s because you see things in shades of grey).

The spaces she creates are a little eclectic, but always glamorous, and she’s famous for combining a myriad of textures like stone, glass, Lucite, lacquer, wool, silk, velvet… With the black and white spaces, the bold contrast is softened and mellowed with a hint of gold and a tinge of dusty pink. I love the doilie-inspired tableware and the rich use of patterns. Another trick she often uses is the introduction of one object with a bright pop of colour into the landscape (hot pink or bright yellow go particularly well with black and white).

What I love best is her design mantra,

Every house needs a soul. I help put the person in the space. Otherwise it’s just a space.

Whether you love it or hate it, I hope this bit of visual inspiration helps you get over hump day!

Images via Celerie Kemble and Tumblr.