While I’m whipping up a little guide to London (co-contributed by Drea and Min), I thought I’d share a little bit of what I love around the WWW. It is Friday afterall (or it will be when this gets published. Whooo! Scheduled posts), and I think it’s good for our little minion souls to take a breather from the number crunching and presentation decks and endless amounts of research and look at some lovely things. This is not, as the image above would lead you to believe, another post on weddings. It is however, a story about how pursuing your dreams (image right after the jump), can sometimes lead to unimaginable success (I’m starting to loathe that word), so let’s say unimaginably bright and beautiful things. 

Dana Tanamachi is a chalk artist – yes my friends, you read that right the first time, a chalk artist. She draws in chalk for a living. Now I bet that no one ever told you growing up that drawing beautiful hopscotch squares could one day get you somewhere. Well guess what? It can, and for this lovely young lady, it has (not that she actually got her start on the pavement outside her parent’s home… or maybe she did. Who knows?) Either way, it’s a dream come true as nothing says I’ve made it in the real world like doing design work for Rugby, Tommy Hilfiger, the Ace Hotel, and a whole host of other illustrious names.

I’ve done my homework on Dana, “until a couple of months ago [in 2011], [this] had just been something that [she] did for fun. So, it’s great to find that people see something in it and are latching on to the idea.” Imagine that, making money out of something you simply love with great passion? My mind is officially blown. This is what becoming a cubicle rat does to you. I mean, I like my job, the content of the work is interesting and I get to meet some really smart, savvy people, but do I love it with great passion?

Dana does. Love her job I mean, and with great passion. And I’m not entirely certain if she knew this when she started, or it occurred to her along the way, but she totally blue the competition out of the ocean with that strategy. In a field where her peers are in front of computers all day long designing things up-to-the-wazoo, she took a step back, looked in a completely different direction and dove right in by going back to the basics. Brilliant stuff I tell you. She went back to the roots of design work –


[pause for this to sink in and mind to be blown. BAOZA!] and it was a roaring success.

But if all that wasn’t proof enough, she’s now endorsed by Oprah. Nothing, not even a meeting with the President of the United States of America, says you’ve made it like some air time with Oprah does. Kudos to you, Dana Tanamachi. I’m going to chalk this up to you being incredible, but also that “anything is possible.”

And I’ll try to remember that it’s “Progress, not perfection. To me, this is a reminder to remain teachable, humble and to take steps toward a goal instead of burning out or being crushed under the weight of immediate perfection. And it applies to all areas of life.” Words to live by indeed.

Happy Friday, folks! I hope you have grand plans for the weekend.

For more of Dana’s magic: http://www.danatanamachi.com/
All images via Dana Tanamachi.