As a rule, I do believe that fan girlism is unacceptable beyond the age of 18, but I just couldn’t contain my overwhelming enthusiasm (better than fangirl right?) for Blair of Atlantic-Pacific (yes, first name basis and all that. I wish). This lady has got some serious style, and in spades! No, make that buckets. Buckets full of style. And it is such a joy to take a scroll through her style blog because the photos are always (you can practically hear the next line gushing out of my brain) bright and beautiful

She’s what I imagine Holly Golightly would have grown up to be in full color HDTV. And while the images I’ve picked are very All American (oh heyy! Happy -belated- 4th my American friends!), she’s actually far more versatile than what you see on this wee blog. Which is why you should see more of her awesomeness over here. She’s rolled preppy chic and classy cat with a wee bit of rockstar into almost all of her looks, and I just love it.

What I love more? The fact that most of her wardrobe is not heinously expensive. From my religious readings of her posts, I can tell you that she frequents Jcrew, Zara, Topshop, and ASOS. All the budget friendly places I go to but can never seem to pull things together as brilliantly as she does (like I said, it’s not where you shop, but how you shop that makes all the difference in the world to the way you look).

And being the share bear that she is, she actually itemizes each piece she’s got on at the bottom of each post, and provides you with helpful links on where to buy them and whether or not they’re current season or past! What a sweetie! Now do you understand why I have a majahhh girl crush?

But right before I put an end to my embarrassing gush about a girl, SHE WEARS little RED WELLIES when it rains! That match her Celine nano, of course.

All images via Atlantic-Pacific.
And for buckets more of where that came from: