The nice thing about staying over at the Bay Sands is that you’ll never be left out on a lurch when it comes to food – which makes staycations here a whole lot of fun for two self-confessed gluttons. This past weekend, we indulged in not one but two extremely satisfying champagne brunches – weekends like this make me grateful for my lack of food options Mon-Fri during the 9-forever. 

First up there’s Osteria Mozza – the fancy pants older sister of one of our favorite pizza places in SG. Dinner here will burn a hole in your pocket but brunch is completely doable. The brunch set involves a basket of pastries and a main course – and if you remember, Nancy Silverton started as a pastry chef so you see where this is going? It’s going good places. (P gave me the tops of the cinnamon rolls – a sign of true love! – and they were truly delicious).

Under the “mucho pro” column for mains they have the Roasted Pork alla Toscana – slow roasted deliciousness with a generous topping of crackling and ultra tender, melt in your mouth meat. Next up would be the Baked Eggs and Tripe alla Parmigiana. If you’re a lover of parts and odd innards, this is definitely a dish to consider – like kway chap got dressed up for brunch.

Under the just plain “pro” category, they’ve got the Homemade Wagyu Corned Beef Hash and the  Grilled Chopped Wagyu Beef Crostone. Both of these are great options, and fit the brunch bill completely, but I feel like wagyu is kind of wasted on anything that isn’t an entire slab of steak.

And finally, Osteria offers the option of free flow bellinis and mimosas – a nice way to come in for a soft landing if you’ve had a hard night out, or to make up for staying in on a Saturday.

Unfortunately, Osteria only does brunch on Sundays. So if you’re looking for something on a Saturday morning, DB bistro’s got you covered.

As always, if you haven’t had one of their famed burgers, then you’ve got to give it a go. They make for a melty, meaty, hearty brunch. Order their Frenchie instead of the Original DB Burger – all that decadent foie gras is completely wasted when ground up and mashed into a beef patty, believe me. And with confit of pork belly, arugula, tomato-onion compote, morbier cheese, and a juicy patty served up between two peppercorn buns, the Frenchie is no less delicious than the artery clogging original.

But if you’re looking for something a little more rustic and homey, the Beef Parmentier (currently making its rounds on the brunch menu*) is TDF. The beef is braised till it’s falling to pieces, with mushrooms, heirloom baby carrots, and other good things, topped with a thin layer of mashed potato that’s just a tad caramelized on the top, and served with an egg done sunny-side up. One of those dishes so satisfying that all you want to do is curl up and take a nap immediately after.

The best bit about our recent brunch at DB was the discovery of what might be the best french toast in Singapore (not a french toast expert here so correct me if I’m wrong and send me in the right direction). We were completely blown away.

The French Toast a L’Alsacienne was an afterthought to our already sumptuous meal. It somehow achieved the perfect balance of gooey and rich without being soggy, and was served with side of caramelized apples so perfectly done we mistook them for peaches, and fromage blanc. Heaven on a plate/ an edible miracle – gooooood just doesn’t do it any kind of justice, so take my word and order it the next time you’re there.

*The downside about brunch at DB is that the 3-course set menu is quite limited – with just 3 mains to choose from, so if you aren’t into the mains, then go for the regular menu.

And with that, good night and good luck. I’m going to attempt to sleep off my food baby.