So it’s been two whole months and I’m no closer (okay, maybe like a couple of inches) to the fabulous new blog design that I have in my mind. These things take way longer than one would imagine/perhaps I’m just particularly picky, so please be patient and put up with this impromptu temporary page (I had to do something). We are working on it! (Yes, plural, because there are many helpful souls who are pitching in)

In other news, it was father’s day over the weekend, so I spent some time digging out this old photo of my Gramps with all the mini munchkins minus my sister (I think she was getting her diaper changed at the time). The Original Boo, now he’s cool – he gets all credit for keeping the cousins together. Because he knows that the more we get together, the merrier we’ll be.

Love you long time Gramps! But most of all, thanks for gifting us three with our dearest Daddy-O :)