Bali is one of those places that I’ll probably never, ever get tired of visiting. It’s become an annual pilgrimage of sorts where we go to kick back, relax, and do nothing but eat good food (and get massages). I’m probably the last person you should ask for advice on what’s there to do in Bali (from an attractions point of view), because honest to god I haven’t a clue. But if it’s food recos you’re after, then I can tell you this, my excel sheet sure is getting longer :) 

To add on to this list from last year and every post ever written about Bali on this little blog, here were the favourites from this trip:

Naughty Nuri’s

An age old institution that I somehow managed to miss on every other trip. Not this time (and never again). The ribs are the stuff of legend, the mango margarita is a gargantuan tower of goodness (and a definite brain freeze if you try to beat the inevitable melt), and everything else on the menu seems pretty decent. It’s a touristy spot so you’ll pay tourist prices – but that doesn’t detract at all from the food or the fun service.

Jalan Batubelig, Kerobokan, Bali

The Delicious Onion

It’s a tiny place tucked away from the main stretch of Seminyak that you just might miss if you aren’t paying attention, but the food makes this place 110% worth the visit. It’s got this laid back chic with a bit of a hippy vibe that I love, and it’s relatively devoid of the loud obnoxious tourists that haunt downtown Seminyak. Pineapple margaritas can’t be beat (put it this way, I had three, and could have kept drinking them all day), and you have to order the roast pork – it’s like siew yoke but a million times better (is it just me or is Bali the best place to go for pork in this region?). Also good: the gado gado, pandan chicken, pork gyoza, and clams in chilli.

Corner of jalan Drupadi and Dyanapura, Seminyak, Bali

Mama San

Relatively new, and ultra trendy, it looks as though this is the new place to go if you’re good looking and in search of tiny portions for dinner. That being said, I actually loved the place. Everything from the decor to the food far exceeded expectations, and it didn’t hurt that the fellow diners were easy on the eyes. Walking in, you’ll step into a curious mix of old shanghai and colonial britain shoved into a modern warehouse with loft ceilings, exposed brick, and a lot of industrial finishings. It sounds a little insane, but it came together perfectly. I want to know who did the iD for the place because it’s great and we really need something exactly like it in Singapore. I’m a huge fan of the marble-topped mahjong tables and overstuffed leather chairs.

Food wise, it’s spot on. It’s everything you’d find in a Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese restaurant done slightly differently – familiar flavours presented in new ways and tiny portions, but it all tastes amazing and is pleasingly presented. Take my advice and order the oxtail, you can thank me later.

Cocktails are a killer. KILLER. Delicious morsels of coconut candy floating in my mojito tasted just like heaven. Heaven.

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 135
Br. Taman, Bali.

Thinking about all that good food makes me want to book a round trip ticket just for the weekend. Dear Mama San, please move to Singapore. We really need you here.