If you’re a fan of The Birds and The Biz as I am, you might want to take a gander over to her recently revived twitter account for real time updates. She makes a very persuasive case for going to the land of the __________ (fill in blank: rising sun/ fabulous sushi/ super shopping for small farts/ quaint cafés/ most polite people/ soft powder skiing/ cleaner than Singapore streets), in the event you need a little nudging to book those tickets (just so you know, roundtrip SG-Tokyo on Cathay Pacific is $635 which isn’t bad at all).

If you won’t be financing the trip on your own, you can sell it to your hubby/boyfriend/ fiance/father as a financially viable option – you’ll actually be saving moolah due to their dismal dollar [¥] (that will allow you to do more shopping while you’re there!) But do leave out the latter when making your sales pitch otherwise it’s bound to backfire.

Her advice, muchos advantageous. Time to start planning for summer travels!