Spent Saturday afternoon camped out at the Chanel headquarters (known to some as the mothership) attending a makeup session by their extremely informative, helpful and kind experts. They didn’t once laugh or flinch at my bumbling attempts to shade my eyebrows (never done it before), curl my lashes (I can count the attempts I’ve made on one hand), or apply eyeliner. At one point, on witnessing the disastrous job I was doing with eyeshadow, Rina (who you’ll be able to find at the Chanel counter at Shaw center) swooped in and saved me from becoming a cast member on a documentary about pandas. I was most impressed with the results of her rapid rescue and recovery work 

They covered everything from skincare (we got to try the entire Chanel regime – make up remover, cleanser, toner, eye and lip cream, moisturizer, sunblock, etc…) to naturally flawless makeup (seriously, flawless, I mean where did my freckle farm go!?!) Granted, it’s a helluva lot more steps than I’m used to (make up base, concealer, foundation, powder, blush, brow pencil, shadow, liner, mascara, lip stick, and finally lip gloss), but the products have this insane staying power (this picture was taken 4-5 hours after the session ended, after I’d gone shopping, for coffee, come home and was part way through cooking dinner and had just popped the chicken into a 200° oven). To give you an idea of how lasting it is – I normally have smudged eyeliner 3 hours into the work day while I’m stationary in front of a laptop under the frigid office airconditioning. So there you go.

And yes, I know I look completely retarded in my attempts at self portrait shots – it’s a lot harder than one would imagine, doesn’t help that P was mocking me the entire time – but if you clicked on the link above, you’ll see that the freckles are gone! (for the time being) It’s like laser, but without the pain or potential scarring.

Of the products we got to try, I’d definitely recommend

(1) The eye and lip makeup remover – it smells delicious and is so incredibly gentle on the skin. You can even soak cotton pads with it and place them on your eyes to rejuvenate and brighten the eye area, like what your mamas used to do with cucumbers but 10x better.
(2) The Hydramax + Active lip balm – amazing ability to smooth out chapped lips
(3) Chanel Correcteur Perfection concealer+foundation is really very powerful – gives a flawless finish minus the icky cakey feeling that I normally associate with foundation.
(4) Inimitable Mascara – lengthens, curls and separates! I hate clumpy lashes and most wands out there don’t do a good job at pulling them apart, but this one really really does!
(5) Eyeliner that does not smudge or budge – Chanel waterproof stylo yeux

Rina’s in Taiwan on holiday at the moment, so if you’re keen to have her recommend items for your skin type (which I strongly suggest you do), stop in sometime in mid April.