Hello folks, it’s FRIDAY! Can I get a whoop whoop! Lots of exciting things this week and a round up of things captured on instagram. For starters, my darling beloved long lost cousin L finally returned from the land of Pandas and we surprised each other at On Pedder last night. There was the launch of Charlotte Olympia in Singapore (very exciting news for the shoefreaks among us). Her line is now stocked at On Pedder, and according to Fashion&Beauty Bible J, you get a better deal on Charlotte Olympia shoes in store than trying to buy it online – that might actually be a first! 

Us fan girls got to meet the delightful Ms. Dellal in person – she is so sophisticated and sweet – telling us about how her husband really wants to eat chilli crab (when she’s allergic to all kinds of seafood) and how she’s so excited to check out the Night Safari. She had on the most amazing pair of spider-earrings given to her by Tom Binns (lucky lady), and though she uses spider motifs on many things, she’s actually scared of the real ones! Never would’ve guessed. But all in all, she’s a very charming lady leading a very charmed life.


I’m also benefitting from the fact that all my friends have gone on a crafting-binge. I think we’ve got P.S. I made this to thank for the recent phenomenon: Dawn’s making rings, Jamie’s got pliers and is piecing together necklaces, and Drea’s weaving bracelets. They’re all beautiful and pretty unique, and best of all (for me at least), they’re free! Wooohooo! So I’ve got my next theme for a matinee all lined up: Crafty Sundays! It will be like Santa’s little workshop – except in sweltering Singapore and I’ll be feeding the elves some potent concoctions that aren’t likely to make them more productive.

Moving along from making things, P’s little sister’s been baking things. Like this extraordinary 5 layer rainbow cake for a friend’s 21st, which was pretty and delicious. Cake connoisseurs know full well that it’s really hard to find a cake that both looks and tastes amazing so if you’re looking for a baker for an upcoming birthday this girl is the way to go.

And finally, how cute are these cards from CityLuxe? We were browsing for a colleague’s birthday and ended up buying several more back for fun! So far it’s true what they say:

Shoes and friends. You can never have too many!

And in 3-2-1 it’ll be the weekend so here’s wishing you a happy one!