Admittedly, I’m a finance moron. While I work with numbers and decimal points all day long, I know nothing about markets, financial modelling, or anything that makes anyone any real money. I know I’m not an idiot – I just don’t get it, and I don’t have the time to get it. It was for me, and every other woman like me (of which there are many), that my dear friend S set up The Birds and the Biz.

S has seen far too many intelligent, fascinating, worldly girlfriends protest ‘I am clueless about finance’. She begs to differ, in her opinion, women are an incredibly important force in markets. We just don’t give ourselves enough credit, and we tend to think of finance as a big black box – it doesn’t have to be.

So she’s pulled together a blog, for Bulls, Bears and Birkins. It’s one finance girl’s musings about what’s going on in the market and the mall. I promise you’ll enjoy it, and you’ll learn a whole lot – and come to realise that when someone explains it the way she does, it really isn’t rocket science at all! (see sample post below)

Trust me, if you can track the year-on-year increase in Chanel 2.55 prices (and I have a number of girl friends who can), you probably understand the way the financial world works better than you imagine.

Read on wonder girls!