In other news, I’m feeling majorly accomplished as I’ve finally sent out the excel sheet of SF recs (16 pages! Size 9 font! Holy guacamole!) to the peeps I’ve owed for ages. It was a loooong time in the making (cut me some slack please I tried to include everything to make it easy on you guys – neighbourhood/ addresses/ reservation numbers/ operating hours/ other attractions in the vicinity/ and a giant column of comments on what to order when to go and how to dress), but despite the delay I’m sure folks will find it useful the next time they find themselves in the City by the Bay. Which apparently is soon for Rachel and dearest Rui!

A big THANK YOU!!!! To everyone who contributed. P and I would not have had half as great a time if it weren’t for your excellent recommendations, tips and tricks. I think I managed to send it out to all of you (your email addresses were all over the place) – if I’ve missed you out by accident (thousand apologies!!!) drop me a line and I’ll send it across :)

Hope the week rolls along quickly for everyone!