I thought to make a note that this is my 1,000th  post.

Thanks for reading and commenting and caring to share with me. I’m often asked why I bother keeping (and keeping up with) a blog (when work and life in general is overwhelming as it is) when it doesn’t make me any money – and the answer is simply that I enjoy it.

People write for all sorts of reasons – some out of sheer egoism (and I’m a culprit here), others out of aesthetic enthusiasm; some for historical impulse (this makes up a big part of why I write), and others for political purpose (George Orwell on “Why I Write.” Friends, go read it, it’s worth it). Some write because there’s a power in storytelling, and others because there is just so much in the world worth sharing…  

A twitter search on the hashtag #whyIwrite turned up one that I particularly liked – Because I sound smarter when I write than when I speak. (I hope to god this isn’t true of me)

I write because if I don’t, I will forget (goldfish memory is me!); and when I am old and decrepit, I want something to remember life (in all its moments – great and small) by. I write because it’s a good way to keep count of the many, many blessings in my life (you’ll notice that this space is a place for only the good things – the bad are best forgotten, and quickly at that), and it’s a constant reminder to never, ever take them for granted (and to thank God for them every day of my life).

And to be entirely honest with you all, I write because I like to tell people what I think (and I’m secretly trying to make you all see things my way). Like Orwell said, sheer egoism.

Over time, as I have written, some of you have followed, and this place has become a space to share and discover good things, a platform where I’ve had the chance to get to know new people, and where I’ve come to celebrate the big and little victories (and also some of the pitfalls) – making up and breaking up, the crazy chase (in the company of great girl friends), falling in love, graduating and getting a job, learning to cook (and then getting fairly good at it), winning the battle with my first successful thanksgiving dinner (and slowly the war with every subsequent dinner I’ve hosted), piecing together a new bedroom (perhaps one day you’ll see me putting together my own home), being a bridesmaid for the first time (and maybe I’ll still be writing when it’s the last)…

So thank you all for reading and for sharing in all those celebrations. It’s like having my very own anonymous internet-based cheerleading team :) Happy weekend friends!