A jolly good bollywood birthday bash – there’s really no better way to celebrate becoming another year older, wiser, and hopefully, kinder, than in the company of loved ones and friends. I find that the best birthdays are always the ones in which your friends have as good of a time – or better in fact – as you do. Thanks to everyone who made it out, thanks for getting dressed to impress in your Bollywood best, and BIG THANKS to my fairygodmother (and my grumpy old man) for making all this magic happen ♥

But more importantly, to my parents (all 4 of them cos I’m lucky like that), thanks for making me, putting up with me (and my landfill full of rubbish over the years), and giving me such a wonderful love-filled life! It honestly doesn’t get better than this. Beyond the presents and the parties, it’s knowing that I have an unshakable foundation and support system that is my family to fall back on that makes each and every single day beautiful and complete for me. I’ll be taking care of you when you’re all old and grumpy and grey!

Surrounded by L♥VE like this, I know I should be glad!

And seriously, can you believe this amazing group of folks I’m fortunate enough to call friends? It’s actually pretty incredible that everyone dutifully obliged my nazi-planning-ways and obeyed the dress code! Not to mention the little things they did to make the week a really spectacular one. Yuetles – the #1 cheerleader in the run up to the weekend, rah-rahing the troops into action. Fooxy (our resident wonderwoman) made it in spite of work and a lack of wardrobe on the morning of – she actually got dressed in the office and ran past the Indian security guard at OMB in full on Indian gear! Miss J (otherwise known to all as Miss Efficiency Max) who sourced not one but 3 saris in under a week and got all the girls ready in record time. Other J, winner of the most awesome outfit award in the midst of some seriously tough competition, who hand-carried that blinking bright turban back from HK. And the brilliant boy who put up with my stress-related antics all week and put together a killer Bhangra and Bollywood mix fit for any club in Delhi – I’d say that’s way more romantic than making me a mixed tape ♥

I only wish that buggs and legs and the missing mouseketeer could have been around for the festivities. You guys are sorely missed! I can’t wait for the next time we’re all together to celebrate the fact that we’re together :)

Bollywood-themed birthdays are the best. They’re also pretty hard to beat. Will have to think hard for a theme for next year.. Any suggestions?

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To those who couldn’t view the facebook photos, please accept my apologies! I briefly considered changing the privacy settings but honestly, the thought of messing with facebook privacy settings makes me incredibly paranoid that I’ll screw something up permanently. But don’t worry! I’ve uploaded most of the photos worth looking at here :)