There are a number of times in the year when you’re forced to stop and ponder and count all the blessings in life (generally this happens around Christmas, Thanksgiving and my birthday) – and then you realize just how wonderful it all is. Sure, it isn’t perfect. And yes, things could always be better. But really, when you’ve got good health, a somewhat crazy but completely loving family (who throw you ultra indulgent Indian-themed birthday parties), cousins to hold dear despite distance, friends to laugh and shout with, and a brilliant boy to boot, is there really a whole lot more to ask for? I think not. Okay, maybe a trip to London and a weekend away in Bali wouldn’t hurt! And it sure was nice to find some pretty bling behind all that wrapping paper! But truly, the best gift of all was waking up to a (surprise!) breakfast in bed made with love by someone I’m madly in love with ♥

Now wish me luck because there’s an unholy number of meetings to get through before I’m home free and off to Bali! x