“Who does not love wine, wife and song, will be a fool for his lifelong!”

This party was the perfect example of why you should always, always throw a do that is personalized and more importantly, in your own style. From the DIY-ed party poms, to playlist, to the curated list of cocktail concoctions, right down to those delightful candy-striped straws – the whole event was utterly in the style of our darling friends, X&M. 

I loved every last charming detail of this lovely soiree, held in honour of X&M’s upcoming nuptials and their 6th year anniversary. Like me, X knows that any excuse is a good excuse to party (though this one I admit is better than most), and like me, she never does anything in half measure – even reminding us to stay in theme with constant calls of “keep your drinks close” and “The feds are coming!” Which I thought was a very nice touch (and a great way to get folks drunk fast).

X&M are a couple of old souls (I think in Singapore, we might refer to this as being very aunty/uncle) and they do love their music (they’re both jazz musicians and X used to play keyboards with SIXX), so picking a 1920s jazz theme was right up their alley (and that of all their friends too!) Everyone came dressed to impress, the men in suits and suspenders, with ties and fedoras, and the ladies, oh the ladies! They really outdid themselves! All that feather and fringe and flapper hair styles! I gotta say, X&M have got some fun friends, I wouldn’t mind inviting the whole lot of them to my next shindig. As any good hostess knows, the key to a truly great party lies in the guestlist.

It was a night of glammed-up, glitzy, good times to celebrate great music, years of beautiful friendships, and most of all, love. Thanks for letting us be a part of your evening my dearest X&M!

And now, it’s about time to get back to prepping for my own birthday bash :) Party planning might be the only saving grace of getting older! Happy weekend friends!