So the other part of the weekend past was spent prepping for X&M’s very pretty engagement party. She upped the ante by throwing a Roaring 20s themed-party full of flappers and dappers (and when I say full, I mean everyone came in full-on costume. I want all her friends at my future parties!) And if you thought I could host a do, let me tell you, I’ve got nothing on the amazing X!  

I am completely inspired by the beautiful set up she created – with such simple and beautiful additions like hanging little lanterns all around her garden (soft lighting does wonders for any event space), the pastel coloured paper poms that she DIY-ed, and the use of rustic brown paper bags to decorate and educate guests on prohibition punch!

Unfortunately, I’ve only got crummy iPhone photos to show for it (and not many of them at that – too busy getting drunk on prohibition punch), so hopefully X won’t mind sharing her fabulous photos with all of you. Stay tuned and I’ll show you how a true guru does a do! (Also, guru is pictured above, left, isn’t she just gorgeous?!?! Lucky M, pictured right)