“Always keep a bottle of Champagne in the fridge for special
occasions. Sometimes, the special occasion is that you’ve got a
bottle of Champagne in the fridge”

Words of wisdom from Hester Browne

L, K and I were long overdue for a catch up, and the fact that K’s B is over (woot!) was more than enough reason to break out the bubbly for a homemade Sunday Brunch :)

Kept the menu simple as it was a very last minute decision to host them at home (I had no idea it was near impossible to make brunch reservations in Singapore on Sunday morning #notetofutureself – Rider’s Cafe even told me they were fully booked a week in advance!) There were grilled chicken wings, mushroom soup, martha’s basic potato salad, buttered mushrooms, and a leafy green salad in garlic-ginger vinaigrette. Sounds wholesome but there was a healthy amount of butter in just about everything.

And I know this sounds weird, but I was extremely excited to discover a bounty of linens in the linen drawer! Check out the sunny yellow ikat print pieces – perfect for a summer time BBQ, or paired with red plates for a Mexican fiesta! (Time to hunt down a pinata and learn how to make quesadillas! Who’s with me?)

Oh! And I cooked up Kir Royales for the occasion. Lucky for me (having a family of folks who enjoy their drink = lots of odds and ends to play around with) I had some creme de cassis lying around – they’ve got to be the simplest of Champagne cocktails to make, and the purple tint was perfect for the girls-only brunch. I highly recommend it!

Everytime I get together with my cousins, I’m reminded just how lucky I am that those I can count as family extends well beyond my folks and siblings to these wonderful, loving, intelligent, passionate people I’ve grown up with. Sure we didn’t always get along, and yes, we spent years and years tormenting each other, and while we’ve all grown up to be very, very different, there’s nothing quite like blood (and forced company) to keep us bonded ♥

Must remember to thank Auntie J for all those Sunday night dinners spent playing catching and stuffing our faces at the Original Boo’s residence.