Cameron Silver always has the low down on the brightest and best talents in town. Clicking around the WWW, I stumbled upon Yifat Oren’s decadent and beautifully curated events (via Cameron’s twitter). It’s giving me a whole lot of inspiration for the birthday weekend and I figured I would share this little nugget with any brides-to-be out there – she’s purportedly the best planner there is on the West Coast (and comes with the price tag to match) so even if you can’t afford her services you can always get inspired by the amazing photos of her past projects! 

The Modern Casbah birthday bash was a feast for the eyes! I love the innovative way they incorporated the landscape by using the dock to seat guests at a long table, the incredible attention to detail (notice how the gold trim on the glassware matched the old-gold on Moroccan lamps), and the way they planted the lanterns all the way out in the surrounding waters to make the experience so complete that guests feel as though they’re no longer in Southhampton, New York.

Now I know my birthday won’t be anywhere near as elaborate, but I sure hope to find some gold-trimmed glassware on my hunt this weekend!

All images courtesy of Yifat Oren.