The cows are fat, the food is good, the decor is great, but it will burn a hole right through your wallet. 

The Fat Cow is not your typical steak place. They don’t serve onion rings on the side, you should not ask for horse radish or (god forbid) tomato sauce, and everything is executed with the deftness normally associated with sushi chefs in Japan.

If you think I hate the place, let me just say that I do not – I actually had a very good meal there. I just prefer my steak a little less refined with a little rough love on the side (which you’ll find at Cut), and I like my steak joints with a little bit of that rock and roll vibe that seems to define all truly great steak places (think: BLT Prime in NYC)

But if you are one for the finest in dining experiences, love your wagyu like no other, and are extremely particular about prompt, prim and proper service, then to Fat Cow you must go!

I suppose I should have known that it would be a chichi affair, since food blogs describe the place as an “atelier.” And while I didn’t enjoy the atmosphere, I must admit that the food is really very, very good. They do deliver on their promise to bring in some super fine cuts of meat, seared to perfection to seal in all those juicy amazing flavours. It’s prepared by some seriously accomplished chefs who put together very sophisticated starters with the most elegant of ingredients flown in from Japan.

The starters were superb. The list is limited but the selection is very well curated (which speaks volumes about the people preparing it). We opted for the zucchini blossom tempura (served with a honey comb on the side), the braised wagyu ox tail with black truffle and the very simply prepared seasonal sweet potato which was stunning.

Oh and while I opted for the steak, they do offer several methods of prepping your meats (shabu shabu, sukiyaki, teppan and charcoal grill) so it’s pretty ideal if your partner doesn’t do steak (who doesn’t do steak!?!).

The place is for serious foodies – which I suppose I am not, and for those who are rolling in dough – which I definitely am not. So I’ll take my steak on the bbq grill at home, but I will go back for those sumptuous starters.

1 Orchard Boulevard,
#01-01 Camden Medical Center
+65 6735 0308