If you like your food honest and the setting laid back, you’re bound to be a fan of this tiny little Tapas place (it seats just 19 pax around a bar) nestled in a shophouse located just around the corner from Chinatown. 

The food, suffice to say, is hearty and delicious – the man, a Jason Atherton, behind the menu has trained with El Bulli and can even lay claim to a Michelin star (2 if you count the one he scored for Gordon Ramsay). This must be why he manages to marry simply prepared, somewhat traditional items with a more modern display.

The tiny towering Iberico pork and foie gras burgers were my favourite for the evening – succulent, juicy and jam packed with flavour. The heirloom tomatoes and oysters simply prepared spoke volumes about the chef’s ability to pick good produce. And while I’m not a fan of lamb, those chops were really very good. All of it is prepared in front of you at the bar by some very adept chefs. A very smart move on their part – we ended up ordering everything that the couple beside us had (in addition to what we had ordered for ourselves) because it all just looks and smells so damn good. And trust me, the couple beside us did the same. Many sheepish glances were exchanged.

They don’t take reservations and the last time I was there they were packed to the gills – so my best advice is to get there early and be prepared to wait. Not that it’s a real hardship, it’s located on a pretty quaint stretch and it’s quite nice to float around outside in the evenings with a drink in hand while you wait for a space to open up.

16 Jiak Chuan Road
Monday to Friday: Noon to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm;
Saturday: 6pm to 11pm, closed on Sunday