As always, the weekend was just wonderful! There was a massive puppy orgy at Dempsey (pleased to discover that CMPB is super dog friendly and a lot less crowded than Jones on the weekends), P and I took some time out to go on a date (always an important element of healthy functioning relationships), and someone super special moved in on my street and I couldn’t be happier about the new addition to the neighbourhood. 

Little Man is a wee shop that’s opened up just on the corner of the row of shophouses at Binjai Park. They stock the most incredible selection of lovely little things from clothes to shoes to accessories to stationery and POPAGANDA POPSICLES! It’s one of those places where you’ll pop into browse and end up staying a long, long time. You’ll also end up buying a lot more than you had planned. But that’s what they’re good at, curating things that you wouldn’t expect to want but do!

Over the weekend we also tried and tested the dog-friendliness of CMPB at Dempsey. They pass with flying colours, I’m talking one hundred and ten percent dog friendly with water bowls to boot! We’re so glad to have found a new hidey hole to hang out with friends and bring the pups on weekends, and guess what? They serve up a seriously refreshing cucumber mojito.

And finally, I know all you haters gonna hate, but Happy Valentine’s Day anyway! In the spirit of things, I tried to make a heart out of my cherry tomatoes this morning. It didn’t work out so well (and I got told off for playing with my food, deserved it too). But when I rolled into work this morning, there was a red, red rose waiting on the desk for me from a very thoughtful colleague. So you know, moral of the story? Valentine’s Day isn’t meant for love birds alone, send some love along to friends and family alike :)