We spent the weekend mixing up pitchers of margaritas, polishing up our pedicures and soaking up the sunshine by the poolside. It was the perfect way to while away a languid Saturday in the company of good girl friends. 

Clockwise from the top: Chinchilly, 5th Avenue, Splash of Grenadine, all by Essie, and Butter London’s All Hail the Queen.

The verdict: OPI brushes are the best for painting.. Followed closely by Butter London.. Essie has the most fabulous selection of colours.. Chanel polishes are pretty but they don’t last.. and Rescue Beauty Lounge mixes up colours made for the daring darlings among us.

Other things we discovered this weekend: J has enough polishes to open a nail shop, and these are just the ones she keeps in the office.. She also has the skills to train an army of little minions to paint just as perfectly as she does.. Also, if you ever need to get pretty in pink, X has all the pink polishes you could possibly imagine.. If you need weird wacky colours, you’re welcome to borrow from my collection which includes “Barney purple” (the dinosaur, not the store) and “sewage green” .. D has the tiniest nails ever seen on womankind.. Alcohol makes everything that much more fun (but we already knew that).. And don’t be fooled by the pretty colours cos my margaritas pack a mad mad punch.

Also, every girl needs a friend like J! She’s indispensable when it comes to dishing out beauty advice, and she does decently on the love and relationship front as well. She is truly a walking-talking directory of beauty-related things. So handy to have around!

Also, I really enjoy entertaining. It’s a lot more work than simply going out with friends (all the prep and planning and eventual execution), but it’s so much more fun and super rewarding when you see your guests having a good time. Can someone find me a way to do this for a living puhlease?

All in all, these matinee makeup/manicure sessions have proven to be a great way to spend the afternoon with the girls.. So good in fact that we might even make this a weekly thing :) So we’re now taking suggestions on what to do next.. Any ideas?