Recently reorganized the makeup stash to make way for some new additions. I have an embarrassing number of compacts and products for someone whose (1) daily routine consists of sunblock-concealer-blush (so please don’t buy me anymore makeup for my birthday unless you plan on teaching me how to use it!) (2) is clueless on how to use most of it (3) is too lazy to figure it out. 

All of this (and an invitation to a Dapper Flapper party) got me thinking. It’s really such a waste to see all that makeup lay idle, and who doesn’t love learning new tricks for a quick fix? Plus, we all know how quick fixes can really work some magic.

So the girl friends and I are arranging a little MakeUp Matinee – mostly because we would like a girly-afternoon of boy-free entertainment, but also because we would like to exploit J (the walking beauty bible) who’s got an entire arsenal of tips and tricks stored in her brain, and finally, any excuse is a good excuse to break out the bubbly! Agreed?

Some of you probably had an inkling of where I was headed with this, seeing as how I polled the girls over twitter regarding their must-have makeup and products they simply couldn’t live without. Some of you even chimed in on your favourites! (THANK YOU! For all your contributions and affirmations) All of these items have landed up on a hit list I’ve compiled, and we’re super excited to get to try them. Clear leaders are l’occitane in the handcream race, CDP correcteur visage (6 votes and counting in a pool of 12!), and fairydrops mascara for major curl. I’m curious to see what else comes up top.

Things I’m excited to share with the girls: The amazingness that is CDP correcteur visage (this super creamy concealer glides on effortlessly, doesn’t cake or crumble or dry out all through the day, you can also mix it in with sunscreen and moisturizer to create a tinted moisturizer perfect for your skin tone), the wonders of the Urban Decay Naked Palette (though I’m not entirely sure how maximize its potential – which is where J comes in), and the universally flattering for fair skin blush Orgasm by Nars.

What I would like to learn to do/use: Urban Decay’s Dangerous Palette (darker colours, definitely more party makeup), Chanel quad reflets d’ombre (green, gold, brown shadows), Lorac’s Old Hollywood look for the Dapper Flapper party, and smudge-proof eyeliner!

I will attempt to take some pictures of the revelry – though I’m not entirely sure the girls will allow it given the very experimental nature of the afternoon, not to mention the fact that bubbly and attempting eyeliner on someone else probably isn’t that great of an idea! But I will try my best, failing that, you will definitely get a shortlist of J’s tips and tricks.

Speaking of which, care to share your favourite _____________ ?

Face chart adapted from Bobbi Brown cosmetics