This morning I woke up determined to make this a SUPER Tuesday (in spite of the fact that the work load is piling up and I’m definitely having lunch at my desk), and lo and behold,  Apartment Therapy had something delightful to share with me (and all of you)!

For those of you like me who just love peeking into the beautifully appointed homes of others (I mean let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like to sneak a peek of delightfully done up living quarters?), let me give you a gentle nudge in the general direction of this fabulous website: Apartment Therapy

In this particular episode of Apartment Therapy, Sarah takes us on a tour of her gorgeous West Side apartment. Done up in bold prints and accented with bright hues, it’s a classic modern abode with a good dose of preppy chic thrown in for good measure. I’d love to be able to live in such a cheery place with vibrant splashes of colour all over the place. I’m sure the very act of coming home everyday would put a hugeass smile on my face.

I love the canary yellow highlights on the curtains and reupholstered chairs, and the charcoal gray chevron in her entry way! Her delightful table setting has me hankering for a ladies luncheon of sorts, with tea sandwiches and scones and colourful little cupcakes, accompanied by good conversation and greater company. It would be the perfect opportunity to get Beauty Bible J to share her make up tricks and beauty tips.

The most inspiring thing about Sarah’s cheerful home? It didn’t cost her an arm and a leg and her future potential new born child to do up. Now that’s an even bigger reason to smile! Check out her tips on sourcing and decorating within a budget in the original article.

Happy Tuesday!

All images courtesy of Apartment Therapy
Original article here: Sarah’s Supremely Stylish West Village Home