Took P on a tour of my motherland, best known for moose, maple syrup, and mountains.

Since P hadn’t been to Vancouver in about 15 years or so, we put on our fanny packs and got touristy during this trip – my mother said it was a nice change from my usual sloth like existence when I’m in the city of glass (you must understand, I’ve been there as many times as there are years in my life). We hit up all the usual suspects: Gastown, Granville Island, Stanley Park, Whistler and the Waterfront, but we also went native with nights in Yaletown, an afternoon in Kits and a pitstop by Paul’s Place (Restaurant & Omelettery) for the best corned beef hash on this side of the continent. No joke, hands down, what a winner. I’ll tell you more about it in my next installment of The Escapist, just need some time to gather my thoughts on all my favourite places in my 2nd hometown.