The great thing about jetlag is you’ve suddenly got so many more hours in the day – simply because you managed to make it up at 5am. Nevermind the fact that at 6pm you’re practically asleep on your desk, it’s nice to have time in the morning to do random things like sift through photos and write blog posts such as this one!

Now if you’ve ever wondered where I get my crazy cooking habits from – I got it from my mama (is the song stuck in your head now?) She’s one of those incredible cooks who knows how to cook, eat, host, and have a good time simultaneously. I can barely manage 2/4 of those things, much less all of them together, and she does it all without any help!!! Mothers, they never cease to amaze me. 

Mom whipped up 5 appetizers, a 16lb turkey, 4 sides, and kir royale cocktails in the span of 3 hours while I snoozed on the couch, Mike watched TV, and P played on his computer. It was an impressive feat. We apparently were there to provide moral support, and periodically chimed in to say she was doing a great job :)

So all of that good food and way too many glasses of wine later I was happy, full, and barely functioning. (Sorry, no pictures of food, I was too busy stuffing my face) I was content to spend the evening listening to my great-godma reminiscing about the old days when my grandparents were young, we watched an old video of them in Hawaii in the 60s! The fashion back then was both fabulous and freaky, plus my grandma was quite the little blond hottie in her day. My uncle put together a book on the Vogel family history which was incredibly interesting – my great grandfather fought in the first world war! And my grandfather was a POW in the second world war (thankfully, the British had him and not the Russians, otherwise I’d probably never have come into existence). I often forget that there is a whole other side to my family history that I hardly know, and have barely scratched the surface of.

Also, my mama’s turkey Bernard totally kicked Bruce’s ass. I’m putting that down to the fact that she has had many more years of experience roasting ’em.

It was wonderful to spend part of the Christmas season in Canada with all my family on that side of the Pacific, even better to have a Christmas dinner where all I had to do was kick back, relax and let someone else take care of the kitchen. I have to say, I should do it more often!