I’m having one of those most amazing of holiday seasons! It’s always been kind of tough for us – with Dad in one place, Mom in another, and other halves and friends whom we want to share the holidays with scattered all over the globe. With everyone all over the place, it’s always been tricky (nay, nearly impossible) to celebrate Christmas with all those that I hold near and dear – but somehow this year, I seriously lucked out. That or Santa decided that I’ve been super nice! I’ve done Christmas dinner with Dad & C (and all their friends), I did Christmas dinner with Mom & Mike (and all my family on this side of the Pacific), and tonight I’ll be doing Christmas dinner with P & his family in SF :)

Talk about lucky me!

So this year, you folks will be getting three separate Christmas dinner updates. Talk about lucky you! First up, a decadent Christmas dinner with Dad and C, to welcome Cam and Christos (the team behind Decades) who flew all the way in from LA!

No pictures of the actual party (too busy making merry), but trust me when I say it was a feast for all the senses, with stunning visual displays by C, a sumptuous menu by The Hilton, and smooth tunes from Ernesto and Greg. There was much merriment (and far too much drinking), some dancing, and Christmas carol-ing till the wee hours of the morning! With special guest performances by Tania (she trained professionally at the Opera back in NYC) and Cam (who started out in, believe it or not, the Cabaret!) And this year we had not one, but two, crazy beautiful Christmas trees.

But all the pretty things aside, I have to say that we’re so fortunate to count such fun folks for friends! It doesn’t matter how beautiful of a set up you have, if you don’t have people who know how to party, let loose, and have a good time in the company of good friends. I had such a blast rocking around and making merry with these wonderful people!

Hoping that I’ll make it to the nice list again this time next year, so that I can do Christmas with all those that I hold near and dear! In the meantime, I hope you’re all having a very Merry, Blessed, and Joyful Christmas in the company of loved ones and friends :) Happy Holidays!