The lethal combination of holiday festivities, annual gatherings, rounds of birthdays, afterwork drinks, end of year events (I hope I’ll be seeing some of you next Monday to get decadent with Decades!!) and a relentless stream of work has left me completely crazy this December with little time to think or even sit down to bang out a post. So as you can imagine, I was elated to receive C’s belated email detailing how she pieced together one of our favourite spaces at home. I thought it would make for some pretty perfect mid week reading material.

Lush and luxe with rich fabrics, exotic skins, bold hints of gold and brass, and completely surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass panels with a water feature running the length and sides of the room, the formal living room is quite an impressive sight – especially at this time of year with the Christmas tree twinkling merrily in all it’s gilt laden grandeur. Being the sharebear that I am, I thought I’d put it up for all your viewing pleasure, enjoy the read!

When I was first given the architectural drawings for this room, I instantly and instinctively knew I needed to have an interior that will juxtapose the cool glass panels and imposing neoparie and slate cladding.

I also envisaged the room to be an amassment of different textures,  colours, objects, fabrics, hues and precisely luxurious as it is comfortable.

As I started sourcing pieces of furniture, I realised I had some vintage pieces I bought way back, all of which had been kept in pristine condition (thanks to my rather anal mother; a trait I am afraid I have come to associate rather intimately with!)

With all these in mind,  I drew a mental visual for this area as the architecture started taking shape and form.

This rather generous in size room, needed a console to anchor it and also to draw attention to, when the 3m high doors usher in guests. I scoured for and custom made a console with a solid slate top combined with luscious brass nail heads from Venfield, one of my favourite galleries in NYC.

I contrasted it with towering 1970s Paul Evans table lamps from London and re-upholstered the shades with a deep rich royal purple.

The expansive room also required not one but two sets of sofas each measuring close to 7 feet. These, I had to specially make in collaboration with the glorious Missy Bernstein from Richard Sharpiro in Los Angeles. After looking at close to 70 fabric samples over a period of 42 days, we settled for a delicious Peking black velvet fabric for the club sofas and matching club chairs. The available tassel samples for the bullion trims were simply not good enough however. Some were either too soft, others too stiff and the colours didn’t marry well. Hence, we braved it and dyed it to match our fabric choice! A rather painful but thankfully successful design decision!

Other random objects were procured over time and somehow, they all gel well together. A freshly re-upholstered trunk, using my own Etro scarf with red leather trims, a cityscape Paul Evans coffee table, golden “rock” side tables from the talented Barlas Baylar, topped with lamped from Herve van der Straeten, my all time favourite hand chair from the one and only Pedro Friedeberg, an almost out of place chaise lounge by Eileen Gray, Paul Mathieu’s collaboration with Fodor’s Aria solid and impossible to move bronze chairs, a 26 year old hand painted screen from Gallery Sommerlath and vintage LV trunks (one still on loan from my sister!) make this formal living room one of my favourite rooms in the house!

Some days, I do feel as though I live in a wee bit of a museum with all the amazing art and collectibles I’m surrounded by :)