I’m currently suffering from TDay withdrawal (it happens every year) and my itchy fingers won’t stop traversing the WWW for other wonderful thanksgiving dinners hosted by kitchen goddesses from around the globe. This of course led me to Tania’s facebook page and the epicness you see above.

Having battled the butterball for fours years in a row I think it’s about time I moved on to other buttery good things such as said epicness. If any of ya’ll plan on inviting me to dinner this festive season, I plan to try out this salted-caramel six-layer chocolate cake on all of you (un)lucky guinea pigs. This fine specimen of said cake was baked by the extraordinary Tania Tan (you’ll remember her as the bride from that beautiful wedding I posted photos of over the summer) and captured by her equally talented sister-in-law, Grace.

Everytime I look at this picture I feel like licking my screen (gross, I know), so I figure I should make an attempt at it so I can lick the real deal instead.

Anyhoos, the recipe is courtesy of the original kitchen goddess, Martha Stewart, and she claims it only takes 3 hours and 20 minutes (this is utter bullcrap, a check with Tania told me it really takes an entire day of work, and that’s if you have another person on hand to help). So I’m definitely going to be setting a ton of time aside for this baby. I figure it’s a great way to score invites to everyone’s holiday soirees cos really who doesn’t love a cake slathered in caramel then doused in chocolate cream at the table?

Pretty ingenious idea huh? I’m eagerly awaiting for those invites my friends :)