Ending the week on a high (hand-dyed and hand-written) note with a treat from FEIYUE! Hand delivered by the lovely ladies over at GoodStuph (thanks dele! thanks pat!) Feiyue (and their messengers) really know how to make a girl feel oh-so-special 

The gift box was chock a block full of all the good things that the french have dreamed up over their illustrious history such as macarons (my personal fave), light fluffy french pastries, jams, cookies, drinks, and not to forget, a fabulous new pair of kicks from Feiyue.

What I didn’t know before Friday was that Feiyue is a sneaker brand that originated in Shanghai in the 1920s (which explains the Chinese name), and was very popular among people that practiced martial arts such as wushu. It was later acquired by a French entrepreneur who revamped the brand and gave it a fresher look and feel that would appeal to an international audience.

What I also didn’t know before Friday is that Feiyue actually has quite a following! After posting a picture of my brand new kicks on twits, I received a flood of replies from friends in the US and elsewhere about how much they love their own Feiyues/need a new pair/how comfy they are/etc. So I’m clearly way behind the trend on this one.

And finally, what all my colleagues didn’t know before Friday was that such a super sneaker brand even existed! So good job to the team over at GOODSTUPH for getting the word out on Feiyue to a whole new audience. My colleagues were also very appreciative of the food and drink which they rapidly wolfed down while fawning over my fab new shoes.

I love that increasingly we’re seeing brands embrace their “originally from China” origins, they are rapidly shedding their old reputation and making improvements in quality and design, and creating an identity that is uniquely their own.

Get your kicks at Feiyue.