It’s 9:03 pm and I’ve been rendered immobile (horizontal on the couch) by the massive meal P and I just polished off. Now he’s strumming Eva’s Fields of Gold and I’m rubbing my tummy thinking of what a wonderful meal it was and how we can make it better. It was a most random mix of things dapaoed home (salted egg crab and kway teow) and kitchen experiments in anticipation of the upcoming Thanksgiving feast (mark your calendars people it falls on the fourth Thursday of November). Of note was this delightful salad made of fresh everything that P randomly pulled together on the fly. It seems my man has rather impressive skills in and out of the bedr.. I mean kitchen – he’s certainly far more creative than I am (I normally follow recipes down to a T with just minor deviations, such as adding bacon to just about everything) 

Now I can’t give you an exact recipe since he just sort of tossed everything together in a most haphazard fashion, but I suppose no matter how you do it this little salad is bound to turn out well because of the killer combination of flavours and textures: crunchy, zesty and bright on the palate with just a hint of sweetness in it – very refreshing.

To make this, you’ll need some freshly peeled pomegranate, diced green apple, thin slices of ginger, and a sprinkling of parsley. For the dressing, combine about 1 part raspberry balsamic, 1/2 part soy sauce, 1/2 tsp of ground ginger and 2 parts olive oil, then shake very well. Toss the dressing with the salad and you’re good to go!

This would do well as an amuse bouche (think along the lines of a chinese soup spoon serving portion) or a starter on its own. The best part is that it is so easy to make and shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to throw it all together – a good thing when you’ve got 6 other dishes going on and you still haven’t done your hair and makeup.

Anyhoos, turns out that master chef maestro isn’t so good on the guitar – he’s given up on Eva and moved on to The Beatles. God is fair :)

Hope the long weekend is treating you all very well! How happy are we that this Monday is going to be a MAGICAL one?!? Yay for Sundays that feel like Saturdays and Mondays that ain’t blue at all.