It’s not very often in Singapore that one has the pleasure of attending an outdoor wedding in the lush surroundings of Fort Canning, with stunning greenery, a picturesque old fort for a backdrop, and beyond beautiful DIY decorations all lovingly done up and put together piece by piece the bride, the groom, both families, the bridal party, and more. I was lucky enough to be part of the foray on Charm and Mark’s very special day – and let me just say – there’s nothing more poignant or perfect than that.

This beyond beautiful wedding was just overflowing with love, friends, flowers and more, and you can see just how much it meant to everyone involved in the way they lovingly put together everything needed for the big day. The bride’s brothers carved the table stands from wood logs, her bridesmaids made bouquets, her friend baked the cake and all the cookies, her groomsmen draped the fort in layers of soft peach and cream chiffon, the groom hand-stamped every gift, the father of the bride painted them a stunning picture of the scenic spot where they were wed, and the bride, well, she was the maestro who made sure it all happened. This wedding was the epitome of romantic, vintage, charming & chic.

I should end this post by saying that DIY-ing a wedding to this extent is definitely not an option for everyone, but if you’re up for it (and possess the kind of guts and gumption and sheer determination that Charm and Mark happen to have by the bucketload), it definitely adds another layer altogether to an already memorable event.

And to the newly weds – may your life together be filled with the kind of overwhelming outpourings of love that we were so lucky to witness on your wedding day :)