Sarnies does sandwiches very well. ‘Nuff said 

I kid, it also does super strong lattes (order it exactly like that, say it, super strong latte) and huge portions of chunky delicious tomato and lentil soup very well. There are long lines of men snaking out of the place, because this is where you go (in the CBD) to get a real man’s sandwich with MORE MEAT. This is where Mig should eat everyday of his life.

The roast beef option comes with a stack of juicy slices of perfectly pink steak, a generous layer of sauteed mushrooms, and a healthy serving of lettuce, all sandwiched between crusty slices of bread. You can even up the ante on the chicken schnitzel by adding the house cured bacon to the mix (traditionally, it only comes with the roast chicken sandwich but we looked so perplexed that we couldn’t have the best of both worlds the sandwich maker extraordinare offered us chicken schnitzel with bacon). Best move ever.

This is not the place for pansy-ass skinny sandwich and salad eating folks.

136 Telok Ayer Street
+65 6224 6091