We decided to switch up the schedule a little and headed out for a midweek treat to get some good grub and shake things up a bit. If you’re a fan of artisanal, thin crust pizzas smothered in the freshest, tastiest toppings then Osteria Mozza’s scrappy little sister, Pizzeria Mozza is the place for you, and you should seriously consider a reservation there this weekend or maybe go like now 

I bet what you didn’t know is that Mozza, while owned by the famed Chef Batali, was actually first conceptualized and is currently run by one Nancy Silverton, and all credit for their famous pizza pies goes to her. She in turn owes her overwhelming success to La Brea Bakery and the restaurant Campanile where she first forged her reputation as master and lord of all pizza pies. More of her story over here.

Let me jump straight in and tell you all about the stars of the show. Ms Silverton got the mix for this pizza joint just right and every pizza we’ve ever had here has been a winner. This is in large part due to the way they make their pizza bases. Ms. Silverton, who started her career as a pastry chef and is an accomplished baker, makes crusts with extraordinary character. The crackly crust somehow manages to have a slight chewy texture in some spots that provides the perfect platform to deliver (to your waiting mouth) the exquisite, high quality ingredients she uses. You can really taste the difference. You’ll notice that her pies are never slathered in sauce, and it’s because she doesn’t want to mask all the brilliant flavours and combinations of the toppings.

Moderate lovers of meat will delight in the fennel sausage, panna, red onion & scallion pie. The sweet red onion and tangy scallion offset the saltiness of the super fragrant fennel sausage perfectly (fennel anything always smells amazing). P gave it rave views. He was still obsessing about it the next morning and lamenting that we did not bring home an extra pie (to have for breakfast, cos you know, that’s so normal).

The burrata with slow roasted baby tomatoes & Sicilian oregano pie is sure to send cheese lovers (like me) into a frenzy. Seriously, have you had burrata? It’s just about the best thing since the invention of bacon. It’s by far my favourite Italian cheese, and I would be so happy to have it all on its own* everyday all day. The chefs at Mozza understand this about people like me (avid about this cheese) and has always topped this particular pizza with extra generous servings of creamy, velvety, mindblowingly amazing burrata. No joke. The slow roasted tomatoes are sweet and balance this pizza perfectly, but you know they’re just there to accompany the burrata.

As for starters and sides, I think anything with cheese has got to be had here (I mean, the place is called Mozza for Mozzarella in case you haven’t already figured that out). This week we tried the following, all of which were really delightfully delicious.
– Fried squash blossoms with ricotta
– Fried potatoes, ceci & herbs
– Chicken livers, capers, parsley & guanciale

D is a huge fan of the fried squash, it comes encased in a crisp shell with ooey-gooey ricotta oozing out, and P (lover of all innards) loves the chicken liver bruschetta. If memory serves me right, the crispy goat cheese with Umbrian lentils is also very good, as is the Cauliflower fritti (which is essentially fried cauliflower – something I never thought could taste remotely amazing but blew me away).

Best part was when the bill came – $50+ per pax including a glass of wine. That’s pretty much unheard of for the restaurants on the baysands stretch where everything else is exorbitantly priced. The midweek foray really helped us get over hump day and it was a nice change from the regular routine of knock off work – zoom home – inhale dinner – dive into bed – pass out before head hits pillow. I think we’ll be doing this more often.

Pizzeria Mozza
Marina Bay Sands
+65 6688 8868

Reservations recommended. For walk ins, a seat at the bar isn’t a bad choice.

*Burrata fans rejoice! Gattopardo at Fort Canning actually serves up a super platter that has a giant ball of burrata surrounded by slices of parma ham drizzled gently with olive oil