If I keep this up Paul’s going to be convinced I’ve gone wedding crazy and start to worry insanely so all you lovely brides-to-be had better be grateful for the fact I’m caring to share (in spite of his stares) all these lovely finds that keep popping up all over my facebook feed. That being said, I’d probably share anyway because D&T’s pictures turned out TOO beautifully not to!

For their very special day, D&T entrusted Yu Hsin of Tinydot with the huge responsibility of capturing every single precious moment. It’s no mean feat, but he pulled it off with such ease and grace and didn’t for a minute distract from the ceremony or get in the way of the merrymaking – a mark of a truly talented photographer.

I’m such a fan of white and light and bright splashes of colour, and just look at that amazing photo of T looking at D as he says his vows. An unforgettable moment perfectly preserved.

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