So the name behind this little british gastropub that serves up some decent grub has an interesting little story, and is a great piece of Singapore’s history that I bet most of you didn’t know about. The Jackson Plan of 1822, also known as the “Plan of the Town of Singapore“, was an urban plan for Singapore drawn up to maintain order in the urban development of the fledgling but thriving colony founded just three years earlier. It was named after Lieutenant Philip Jackson, the colony’s engineer and land surveyor tasked to oversee its physical development.

Originally, William Farquhar who had governed Singapore from 1819 until 1823 had allowed the colony to flourish under the sheer volume of trade that passed through her port, but had not organised the colony, and thus it grew haphazardly. Upon his return in October 1822, the colony’s founder, Sir Stamford Raffles, was displeased by the disorderliness, and formed a town Committee led by Lieutenant Jackson to revise the layout plan of the city. The Jackson Plan was thus formulated, created a plan of Singapore that would divide it into ethnic functional subdivisions and lay the colony out in a grid pattern. Ethnic residential areas were to be segregated into four areas – which is why we have china town and kampong glam today!

Nubbad huh? The food isn’t too shabby either – but only if you’re one for somewhat traditional English gastropub grub (the mains are all kind of mushy, but apparently that’s what English food is like). The starters were pretty stellar all round and if I were to go back, I’d order two of everything below.

Chicken Livers, Port and Bacon, Sour Dough
Scotch Duck Egg, Pea Salad
Crab Cakes, Quail Eggs, Anchovy Cream
PIMM’S No. 1 Cup (by the pitcher)

The other thing in The Jackson Plan’s favour? The fact that it’s located in Duxton Hill – another burgeoning little lifestyle hub (they seem to be springing up all over our tiny island). Gotta say I really do love the place, and I love that other favourites like The Plain and L’Entrecote are located just a wee bit of a walk away.

The Jackson Plan
40 Duxton Hill
+65 6866 1988

Write up on the Jackson Plan courtesy of Wiki.