In case it isn’t already apparent, we spend our Sundays hunting down places for brunch munch. It seems like everyone on our sunny little island of Singapore is suddenly really into this midday meal that generously straddles the stretch from 11am-4pm (yes, we occasionally meet for brunch at 2pm). So we were really grateful to L for pointing us in the direction of this hidden gem which has yet to be overtaken by the masses. 

It’s truly a gem of a find tucked down a quiet corridor with the option of indoor or al fresco dining (if you look at the more popular brunch places, they all seem to offer the alternative). If you choose to dine outside, you’ll be able to partake in the chorus of singing from the church next door – it’s surprisingly enjoyable to hear so many sing in unison, and we jokingly told Jamie she could consider it going for Sunday Mass.

The place does light fare very well – my spanish omelette with mushroom, feta, olives was a winner, and the pastas (that landed on the other table) looked extremely appetizing so I’ll try that the next time round. The complimentary focaccia with red pepper sauce is delicious. The burger however could do a lot better and the big breakfast was only given a so-so by Mig. On the plus side – you needn’t fear not being able to get a reservation and I thought the ambiance was quite pleasant. I think I will be back :)