Every so often an invite to one of these things finds its way into my inbox and I wonder why in the world they would pick someone like me who is clueless about skincare and generally couldn’t care less except for the mandatory daily dose of sunscreen.. and then I remember that I am their perfect target candidate: a woman in her mid-twenties who has yet to swear allegiance to a skin care regime (or brand) beyond her store-bought cleanser. Very clever La Mer!


And if there’s one thing I know about women it’s that they’re loyal (and vocal) to the end when they find a brand that works for them, so it’s best to catch them early. It turns out that I am ripe for the picking as my colleagues’ constant grumbling about the effects of the arctic (read: office) aircon has started to get thinking seriously about skincare and discussions relating to whitening and brightening and wrinkle prevention seem to permeate every coffee break.

The evening got off to a very good start, I was in the door with champagne in hand in T-30 seconds (kudos to the girls at GOODSTUPH and The White Rabbit for some stellar service and excellent event execution) and ushered to a cozy booth where I found the impeccably dressed Charme in her wall-flower-themed ensemble (which was just about the furthest thing from it as you can clearly see).

We were wined and dined and then given a very extensive review of the history, evolution and benefits of creme de la mer (Did you know there’s diamonds and pearls in it along with the seaweed? And did you know that the cream was first invented by NASA scientist Dr. Max Huber to treat the chemical burns he received in the lab?) After which came my favourite part of the evening – the sharing session.

Oftentimes we forget that beauty goes beyond what you see on the surface, and I love that La Mer (a brand traditionally associated with beauty that is only skin-deep) chose three very talented, brave and beautiful (perhaps not in the traditional sense) women to speak to us that evening. I was particularly amazed by Yip Pin Xiu, a 19-year-old paralympic swimmer who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the tender at of 2, who has gone on to win many medals for Singapore at the paralympic games. Hers is a true story (and a timely reminder) that life is what you make of it, so you’d better make the most.

Perhaps it was about bringing the original message back to the audience that behind all the marketing and hocus pocus and gimmicks, products like Creme de La Mer do offer customers a real value proposition as they were first formulated for real people dealing with real issues (like Dr Huber who conducted 6,000 experiments to find a cream that would cure or at least lessen the effects of the burns he suffered).

Whether or not it’s a miracle cream in a pot that works wonders I cannot say (will tell you when I’ve used up the samples they gave – yay! freebies!), but it might be worth a shot for those with sensitive skin, rosacea or slight scarring from acne, especially if you’ve already exhausted other options. The internet tells me many women with those issues swear by it.

I do however like the idea that one product (that comes in various formulas – which you can read more about here) will do the trick. I’m not one for routines, regimes or complex solutions (and anything beyond 3 steps is usually lost on me), so I’m excited to see if adding Creme de La Mer to the roster of cleanser+sunscreen will make a visible difference.

I must admit I was surprised to see so many young faces at the La Mer event, I have always thought the brand was targeted at more mature ladies. Young ones tend to think we’re pretty much indestructible till we see our first fine line or white hair then we freak out and do everything in our power to try and reverse the ageing process but by then it’s too late! Remember ladies, prevention is always better than trying to find a cure.

As it turns out, La Mer is not reserved exclusively for the slightly more mature among us -It is however for those willing to seriously shell out for skin care, and I’m not sure that I’m there. It might take that first wrinkle to push me over the edge.

Pictures courtesy of the fabulous ladies over at GOODSTUPH. Thanks for the good times!