Since you asked very nicely (and P had his camera here over the weekend), I made some minor adjustments here and there, tidied things up somewhat, and have a little bit to show and tell for it

When we were putting this house together, I told my folks they could do what they want with my room so long as they gave me ample shelving space for my copious amounts of crap, and even larger collection of books.

Let me tell you something about bookshelves – they say a lot about you (and I guess in my case, because there’s so much shelf space, there’s a lot to say?). John Waters is famous for the quote, “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ’em!” And in general, I do believe it’s a damn good rule to live by. In fact, I’m going to go try and get my hands on one of those prints.

When I wrote my college admissions essays, I wrote about my bookshelves and how by looking at those shelves, they would be able to tell if I’d be the right fit for the school. From my shelves you’ll easily deduce a number of things – 1. I love reading, I’m a voracious reader and I have been since young (I still keep copies of the many classics I read growing up), 2. I love to travel (travel guides and fiction from far off places, as well as little pieces of memorabilia that have made the journey home), 3. I can be frivolous (as witnessed by the embarrassing amount of chicklit lining the shelves), but 4. it’s tempered by a secretly serious side which I don’t often let out cos it kills the mood (books on politics, history, war also feature strongly, as do texts on developmental economics, the state of the world’s oceans, and the cocaine problem in Colombia), 5. I love to cook (but I love to read about great cooks more than I love to cook), 6. I am up to date on the state of the economy (The Economist), 7. as I am up to date on the state of global affairs (Monocle), 8. I am somewhat up to date on fashion trends (splotchy collection of fash rags), 9. I enjoy a good drink (a fine bottle of red sits on the shelf), and 10. I keep my family and friends close to my heart (their pictures are scattered between the books).

My shelving also tells you that I dive, that I used to dance, that I have an amateur interest in photography, that I’ve graduated college, that I am half Chinese half Caucasian, and that I have two siblings, two best friends, two sets of parents and four dogs.

It also tells you I have a habit of hoarding and a penchant for pigs.

So what do your shelves say about you?